Wall Protection

Employee motivation, happiness and how productive and efficient an employee is in the workplace can be attributed to their working environment.

We have supplied and installed products to Commercial Offices around the world.

As the final term at school draws to an end, an opportunity arises to evaluate the building and its facilities to highlight and begin any necessary remedial work.

Located near Taunton, Somerset, the Halcon Centre provides short breaks, with 24-hour professional care, for up to 18 adults who are physically disabled or have sensory loss.

To make a positive first impression the reception area is one of the most important areas within an organisation, as first impressions count, and are notoriously difficult to change. 

Taking the time and effort to fix a preventable problem isn't an efficient use of time or resource.

Book our leading RIBA approved CPD - 'The Specification and Design Considerations of Wall, Corner & Door Protection Systems’ - which focuses on helping architects and contractors to make inform

Every 24 hours the NHS sees more than 1 million patients, therefore walls, corners and doors in healthcare buildings can quickly deteriorate. 

SureProtect Pure has been specifically designed for areas where cleanliness is paramount, such as hospitals.

Specifying our Stair Edgings or Wall Protection? Use BIM?

We have BIM objects available for our entire range of XT Stair Edgings, Side Trims and Wall Protection products.

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