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Evelina London Children’s Day Treatment Centre

Bespoke wall protection from contract interior specialist Gradus is creating a fun and attractive atmosphere at a state-of-the-art new medical facility, while also ensuring excellent hygiene and low maintenance costs.

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Groundwork - Gradus West Gorton Project

Watch how we transform a greenspace in Manchester into a biodiversity garden, helped by the local community and our partners, Groundwork, The Guinness Partnership and Manchester City Council.

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Groundwork - transformation of AGE UK site in Ashton

We teamed up with Groundwork UK for a second time to create a dementia-friendly garden at Age UK, Tameside. The project transformed the centre’s tired outdoor area into a useable and attractive greenspace, underlining Gradus’s focus on enhancing the lives of those living with dementia through inclusive design

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How to Install Entrance (Barrier) Matting

Watch our matting installation demonstration video to see how to install Esplanade 6000 and 5000HD primary barrier matting.

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How to Install Stair Edgings Using Gradus Grip

Watch our short video here to see how to install Stair Edgings using Gradus Grip - it could save you
time and money - it's really easy to use.

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How to Measure an Entrance (Barrier) Matting Template

Watch our matting templating demonstration video to see how to measure a template for a mat.

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Independent Living - Dawn Linnie AGE UK Tameside

Dawn Linnie, AGE UK Tameside, provides insight into some adaptations to the AGE UK centre to help those living with Dementia.

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Independent Living - Lynsey Hutchinson Stirling University Dementia Services

Lynsey Hutchinson, Senior Interior Designer, Stirling University Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC), explains why assessing Gradus products for suitability, using Stirling's design principles, is important.

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Independent Living - Maria Morgan, Gradus Product Expert

Maria, Gradus, Product Manager, briefly outlines why we teamed up with Stirling University and some of the changes we made to an AGE UK centre in Ashton.

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Independent Living - Robert Needham AGE UK Tameside

Robert Needham, Chairman, AGE UK Tameside, talks about using colour and design to help those living with dementia.

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LED Step Lighting

Text here...

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Mat-in-a-Box Installation Video

 Quick & Easy to Install ... Gradus Mat-in-a-Box Installation Video

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Product Showcase - XT Aluminium Stair Edgings

Create safe stairs with XT video showcasing the features & benefits of the Gradus
XT range of stair edgings. 

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