Lok-Lift Installation System

Lok-Lift Installation System
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Lok-Lift is a dry adhesive mesh carpet installation system which is fully releasable and 100% recyclable.  Lok-Lift is ideal for both broadloom and carpet tile installations and produces no odours or VOC problems, which are commonly associated with wet adhesives. Lok-Lift is quick, clean and easy to install and remove and can be installed over virtually any surface including carpet, concrete and vinyl.

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Roll Size: 1m x 25m, 1m x 46m

Material: Dry Adhesive Mesh

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Murray Cooney from Expo Floors specified and installed Gradus Lok-Lift in a sports stadium.  Commenting on the installation he said:

"Lok-Lift was the perfect choice of adhesive for the flooring as it allowed us to install the carpet quickly and easily, saving us time and money.  Not only did it benefit us as the contractor but also benefited the end user by allowing the floor to be used immediately after installation.  Lok-Lift was clean to apply and produced no odours or VOC emissions which benefited the installation process and also helped to create a healthier environment for the end user."

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