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1. Eliminate Risk: By taking advantage of Gradus' free stair measuring service, you can ensure that the measurements for your stair edging are accurate and precise.

Movember is here and we are proud to announce that two of our colleagues, Jack Pearson and Mark O’Donnel, are taking on separate challenges to support charitable causes.

To do our part in reducing our carbon footprint and slowing down climate change, we partnered with Aquafil and use their product ECONYL®.


Our values are focused on implementing the company’s vision by recognising our people are central to our success.

We’re currently updating our database to ensure we’re fully compliant to GDPR.

Since 2017 we have grown our presence in the Nordic region by establishing a local team in Sweden to better engage and serve our Nordic customers.

When we launched our new design-led, contemporary carpet range called “Urban Myth”, we took the opportunity to take on four ‘urban myths’ within our own community in nearby West Gorton, Manchester.

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded a certificate in recognition of our status as a recommended supplier for ProCure22, as part of the Efficiency and Productivity Programme.

We're committed as ever to maintaining professional floor fitting standards, and as such, we're again sponsoring the CFA Flooring Apprentice of the Year award. 

A barrier to urban green space investment is often the belief that it will be vandalised or stolen, which means many project proposals never come to fruition.

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