Stair Edgings

We know this is a crucial time for many flooring contractors and construction projects in general.

Congratulations to Tom Havard - the CFA Flooring Apprentice of the Year 2019.

As one of the original manufacturers to provide RIBA approved CPD, we've learnt a thing or two about how to put together and deliver a great presentation!

300,000 UK hospital admissions each year are from stair accidents.

Specifying our Stair Edgings or Wall Protection? Use BIM?

We have BIM objects available for our entire range of XT Stair Edgings, Side Trims and Wall Protection products.

Although we don’t encounter this belief often in our industry, we see the result of this kind of thinking throughout our towns and cities’ buildings, every day.

Conditions like we are experiencing in the north of England, Wales and Scotland, today, significantly increase the probability of slips and trips on stairs, particularly when inadequately specified

We've put together a comprehensive guide to using colour for our stair edgings, carpets, wall protection, barrier matting and skirting. 

Use colour. Be confident. Be bold.

From selected distributors you can order our new market-leading XT stair edging, choose from a range of coloured inserts, and receive your completed order within minutes. 

We understand meeting the 30 points difference in Light Reflectance Value (LRV) between the stair edging and floor covering is important to meet guidance, however it doesn't have to be black and wh

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