The Impact of Unsuitable Cleaning Regimes

The Impact of Unsuitable Cleaning Regimes

My name is Nick Ferguson and I lead a team of surveyors across the UK. 

In my years here at Gradus I have seen my fair share of Stair Edgings installed in all kinds of environments. Part of my role means I get called in when a problem his arisen and I do my best to provide a professional opinion and offer sound advise on how to remedy the situation.

In the main I have witnessed the most common issues with Stair Edgings in environments where infection control is of great importance and so regular cleaning is required. Sadly, and all too often, I find the wrong cleaning regime being employed. 

In the current climate regimes have become more frequent and more stringent across all types of environments, which is understandable, however, I’m witnessing more insert failures as a result of the wrong products being used. The right equipment and cleaning agent are essential in maintaining the longevity of the slip resistance of the insert and the bond of the insert within the channel. Employing the wrong method can compromise the performance of Stair Edgings, which could ultimately lead to an increase in slips trip and falls on one of the most hazardous areas within any building, the staircase. This is something that no one going to the trouble of specifying a Stair Edging wants.

I have carried out cleaning demonstrations and offered lots of guidance on how to maintain the performance of Stair Edgings to installers and end users alike. However, prevention is better than a cure.

Recognising these issues and with the importance of cleanliness ever more so important in these current times, Gradus improved the already industry leading XT Range of Stair Edgings by changing the design and make up so that the bond between insert and channel no longer relies on glue. Whilst this has so many benefits, the mechanical fix means that the Stair Edgings are far more resistant to regular cleaning regimes which means seeing your inserts lifting, curling or falling out can be a thing of the past.

Click here to see our range of inserts that are more robust to chemical cleaning agents or contact below if you’d like more advice.

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