5 Ways to Create a Positive Learning Environment Using Carpet

5 Ways to Create a Positive Learning Environment Using Carpet

Floor designs in education can help promote learning by considering and implementing some of the following concepts:

1: Zoning

Zoning can help define specific areas, which can help assist pupils to navigate their way around a school, understand the function of a space and maintain its furniture positioning. 

Different zones can be created by combining a mix of colour and design. This can be done within large shared communal spaces or smaller classroom environments to delineate different areas and functions or can be applied across entire floors. Using different colours to highlight different floors, or different departments can help pupils to reference and orientate themselves correctly.

We have designed several carpet tile ranges that offer complementary colours and designs that can be used together to create zones:

Lafite Connect

4 designs which are complementary and can be used together i.e. Plains, Stripes, Design and Space.

Streetwise Design

Comprises Originals and Brights which can be used together.

Urban Myth

12 colours which are complementary and can be used together.

Times Square

10 colours which are complementary and can be used together.

2: Feature Areas

The aim of flooring as a feature area in education is not only to create interest on the floor but to provide inspiration and energy to the environment.  Introduce feature areas with bright accent colours to make a bold impact. This is easy to create by simply adding bright accent colours to a floor design or experiment with tiles and planks for a striking variation. 


Our Emphasis range has 6 bright accent colours that are designed to be used with other ranges as a highlight colour.  Emphasis works well with Lafite Connect, Streetwise Design, Urban Myth and Times Square.

3: Carpet Tile and Plank 

Choosing carpet tile and plank provides versatility and variation, which can be replaced easily if damaged with little disruption, thus achieving style and practicality in equal measure.  

Use tile and plank in different areas and experiment with different installation methods such as broadloom, brick bond and random with tile and herringbone and half drop with plank to create a unique design scheme.

4: Safety and Maintenance

Barrier matting, when specified and installed correctly, can reduce the risk of slip, trip and fall accidents.  A correctly specified barrier matting system will also help to increase the life span of the surrounding floor coverings, which will reduce cleaning and maintenance costs. 

We offer a wide range of primary and secondary barrier matting ranges that can be used alone, or together, for optimum performance.

We have recently introduced a range of modular barrier mats for quick and easy installation, ideal for education environments (Mat-in-a-Box 6000 and 5000 and Mat-in-a-Box 1550)

5: Acoustics

The reduction of background noise is important within an education environment. Well-managed acoustics can aid listening (especially for those who are hard-of-hearing), improve focus and limit the sound effects of moving traffic throughout a school. 

Carpet tiles offer many benefits to busy education environments. Not only do they provide a comfortable atmosphere, but also offer good acoustic performance, which can help to reduce noise levels by providing a calm, comfortable and peaceful environment.

Our carpets have been tested for impact noise absorption and sound absorption, offering good acoustic performance.  The Times Square range is particularly effective at muffling reverberant sound created by students and staff in adjoining classrooms, corridors and halls.  Times Square is available in tile format and is produced with 90% recycled content cushion backing, which not only provides underfoot comfort, but also provides excellent acoustic qualities to help reduce noise levels in busy environments.

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