Improve Employee Wellbeing with Gradus Products

Improve Employee Wellbeing with Gradus Products

Employee motivation, happiness and how productive and efficient an employee is in the workplace can be attributed to their working environment. Consider the following areas to improve the built environment and promote employee wellbeing: 


Reduce the worry of your employees by ensuring their safety.

We provide products that keep employees safe from the moment they enter the car park (through our Safety and Protection Systems), as they arrive into the building (Barrier Matting and Carpet) and as they traverse the different floors (Stair Edgings). 

Other simple things, such as ensuring that all electric cables are covered or taped down with a cable tray to prevent employees from tripping over them, can make employees feel protected. 

Prevent or Conceal Damage

Nobody wants to sit underneath a cracked ceiling or next to a marked or damaged wall.

Damaged walls and doors do not give the best impression to employees or visitors and can often send the message that the employer does not care about the environment or the wellbeing of its employees. Planning Wall Protection into your office design is always a good idea as it can help to maintain the overall aesthetics of the building, protect budgets and help to promote a healthier working environment. 

Wall protection not only protects, but can improve or fit-in with the aesthetics of the overall office design. With over 35 colours to choose from, different finishes and custom printing, a lot can be achieved, while protecting the underlying surfaces. 

Use Protective Wall Cladding to Protect Large Surfaces and Create Interest 

When we introduced SureProtect Design® it was created with office aesthetics in mind. Modern and stylish in appearance it can highlight building interiors, while offering excellent surface protection.

Choose from a range of wood or metal finishes, or create your own design, using a scheme or photo to inspire, calm or communicate with employees

From company logos, mantras and corporate colours to calming beach scenes, the design possibilities are endless.

Beyond Buildings

Help your employees develop and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Making the time to Introduce and encourage regular Yoga or Tai Chi sessions, or evening runs with the team, are proven to destress and strengthen bonds between employees.

Another great way to create a healthier workplace environment is to encourage healthy eating. Providing a well-designed dining area will improve informal staff collaboration and discourage eating at desks or skipping their lunch break entirely. Why not provide a bowl of fruit to encourage healthy snacks?

Whatever you decide, make employee wellness a priority - speak to our Commercial Office team 0808 196 1440

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