Types of insert - critical choice

An insert provides a surface that creates friction between the sole of the shoe and the step edge, hence providing slip-resistance and reducing the risk of slips on stairs.

All Gradus inserts:

  • Are independently tested to ensure optimum performance throughout the life of the product. Inserts are tested for slip-resistance, surface roughness and chemical/bacterial/fungal resistance.
  • Achieve wear classifications of:
        Group T - Class 34 - Commercial very Heavy
        Group T - Class 43 - Light Industrial heavy
  • Are measured for Light Reflectance Values (LRVs) to provide a visual contrast to ensure the step edge is clearly visible.

The environment in which the stair edging is to be used determines the type of insert selected - see guidance below:

Xtra-grip Colours

Offers increased surface roughness to reduce the risk of slip particularly where the stair edging may become wet e.g. stairways close to entrances or where safety flooring is used. Suited to areas where health and safety is a priority e.g. public buildings such as schools and hospitals. Suitable for Interior use. Achieves a low risk of slip in both dry and wet conditions.

Interior Colours

Suitable for use in interior dry conditions and is ideal for use where there is no risk that the stairs will be contaminated by moisture. Achieves a low risk of slip in dry conditions.

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