What you need to know when considering SureProtect Design for your business.

What you need to know when considering SureProtect Design for your business.

Here at Gradus, Sure Protect Design PVC-u Protective Sheet helps to create contemporary and inspiring interiors - helping businesses modernise as well as offering wall protection from impacts & abrasions.

The sole purpose of Sure Protect Design is to provide an excellent surface protection, with the added benefit of helping to create stylish and modern aesthetics.

It is a perfect solution for a design led environment such as hospitality, leisure, and commercial offices. It is also key for the healthcare and education environment, allowing you to provide a bright and positive environment.

Wood and Metal Effects

We offer a choice of seven wood effects and two metal effects with designs ranging from Light Oak to Copper. SureProtect Design is supplied in a sheet form with the option of silicone sealant and thermoforming. The fire classification for these effects is B-s3, d0.
To order a wood or metal effect sheet, use codes SPD20W (Wood), SPD20M (Metal). The sheets are 3.0m x 1.3m and 2mm thick.

Bespoke prints are also available.

Bespoke Print

Using our Bespoke Print service, you can help create a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment. Use this service to create welcoming, calming environments such as operating theatres and waiting areas, or to enhance your companies logo in a bold way, the possibilities are endless.

To create your designs, we digitally print your chosen graphic onto the back of a clear textured sheet. These sheets come in the measurement of no more than 2.9m x 1.2m, with a thickness of 2mm, but the design can be applied across multiple sheets as a continuous image. To choose this option, please quote the code SPD20P.

Click here for more information on our Sure Protect Design PVC-u Protective Sheet.

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