How to Use Wall Protection in School Corridors

How to Use Wall Protection in School Corridors


Busy school corridors can be particularly vulnerable to damage from the constant flow of students causing scuffs and scrapes on walls, resulting in endless painting and repairing.

Gradus SureProtect Endure® Wall Cladding placed at mid-height will provide a robust and durable solution as it is designed to protect large surfaces from damage that can be caused by the likes of school children, their bags and moveable objects, such as chairs and tables. 

SureProtect Endure® can be used as a stand-alone product or can be combined with other Gradus wall protection products i.e. corner or wall guards to create a more comprehensive level of protection.


Building Bulletin 102 States -  Children and young people need attractive, accessible school buildings. ‘Inclusive’ design can enable and empower those with SEN and disabilities to participate fully in life at school and in the wider community.”

Corridors can be difficult to navigate, so serious consideration should be given to installing handrails, particularly on long corridors, to offer pupil guidance and support as well as offering level of surface protection. Visual contrast and colour is also important as the handrail should be easily identified and located to offer both support and wayfinding in line with BS8300-2:2018, ‘Designing accessible and an inclusive built environment’

Gradus offer a wide range of handrail options including a dual rail that combines a handrail and a wall guard and a combination rail combining a handrail and crash rail.

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