XT - The Ultimate Standard

XT - The Ultimate Standard

Back in 2006, we launched the first version of our market-leading Stair Edging - XT. 

Our innovation to the humble Stair Edging, which meant that the tread wrapped around the front edge of the profile, increased foot contact, which helps to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls on stairs.

Later, in 2018, we added a new, unique locking mechanism that secures the insert in place without the need for adhesive, offering a robust defence against demanding cleaning regimes. 

This adaption also enabled our stockists to make up the profile on site, in any colour form our XT range. In most cases, you can have them the same day!

It's available in 24 different combinations, including an extra wide variation, removing the need for dual channel profiles for heavy-duty environments. 

There are 14 different colours for interior environments and 25 for exterior (Xtra-grip)

And don't forget...use Gradus Grip to remove the need for drilling, gluing or screwing (not to mention getting rid of those unsightly screwhead cover caps ('pips')

Click here to see the range. 

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