Meet the Team - Nick Ferguson

Meet the Team - Nick Ferguson


Our Lighting and Matting Specialist!

We interviewed Nick Ferguson our Gradus Business Development Manager for Matting and Lighting and asked him a few questions about himself and his journey so far within the business.


What do you like about your role and the products you work with?

I began working at Gradus almost 17 years ago, during my time here I’ve enjoyed several roles within the company. My current one allows me to enjoy a wide variety of products and project types. I’ve found myself working with some fantastic clients on a range of projects in areas such as high-end hospitality, private cinemas, cinema chains, lecture theatres, music venues and even the odd cruise liner! I like that our products are not just safety solutions to highlight step edges or to illuminate a pathway, they can also be used to create zones or really set the mood within a space. Whether it’s a certain temperature of white, or any other colour you can think of, we can help.


What challenges are facing the LED Lighting sector?

I find the real challenge is often the practical side. You’ve assessed your environment, selected the right products to gain the effect and mood you want within the space, but you now need to make it work by asking myself practical questions such as “where should you place power supplies?” “How many of them are you going to need?” “How will it all be wired etc...?” Luckily, we are well placed to provide the answers with our dedicated team of experts on hand: from estimating to specification advice and installation. Usually, the answers can be solved with the aid of a drawing or a site survey. The latter of which I’m always happy to facilitate via either myself or one of our experienced surveyors.


Favourite Gradus solution and why?

This is a hard one because often each solution is tailored to the project and environment. But, if I had to pick one I think the Impression LED range would be my favourite! The clean, bold beam of light that it emits, and the wide range of colour options really makes it a cut above the rest. It can be used in any of our LED Aluminium Stair Edging profiles, and across our entire Architectural LED Lighting Solutions range. There is a great level of control that can be achieved by using our remote or fixed controllers. Thanks to this, it means that Impression LED is great for both dark & dimly lit areas as well as well-lit environments.


What do you like doing in your spare time?

Outside of work I like to pass my time dog walking as well as the occasional video game. I have a real passion for music and have been producing my own since I was in my early teens. I often also produce music with my 14-year-old son which I really love. I’m also often found behind a set of turntables DJing solo or with two of my long-time friends performing as the “Triforce”.

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