Meet the Team - Martin Cummins

Meet the Team - Martin Cummins


Hi...I am Martin Cummins and I am the Technical Services Manager for Gerflor UK and Gradus Accessories.


What do you like about your role and the sector you work in?

One day is never the same. I normally find that I can get any type of question or topic thrown at me from all players in the flooring industry. It could be Contractors, Architects, Specifiers, Designers or the Internal Sales teams.  This proves to be challenging but rewarding as problem solving is something I enjoy. In my extensive 30 years (ouch!) of working within subfloor preparation and adhesives, the experience has given me the much-required grounded knowledge I needed and an appreciation of what is key before installing our vast array of market leading products. I enjoy offering expert and valuable advice to ensure both Installers and End Users get full satisfaction from the ranges on site.


What challenges are driving the Contract sector?

The challenges the contract markets are currently facing are sadly still the same, as it has been for the last decade or so. Cost cutting and poor or inadequate training and the lack of appreciation of what is indeed a “skilled trade” prevails. The desire to spend less and expect equal or better performance, in my opinion, drives down the true quality of what can be achieved in a floor.  Manufacturers along with technical and design experts can pretty much create anything required these days but as soon as price becomes the key driver in a project, then the floor can be possibly compromised. There is currently today, an insufficient volume of skilled Installers within the industry and more importantly, not enough are coming through. This is clearly evident on the agenda when I attend CFA council meetings. However, apprenticeship programs and ongoing tailored training is very evident across the marketplace, giving the much-needed light at the end of the tunnel. There are now more training centres, more options for apprentices and with the use of webinars and online training we can now look at further enabling skills and ultimately improve the quality of flooring installations. A continual challenge for the technical services teams…minimise issues and complaints and I’m a very happy man!


What are your favourite Gerflor & Gradus solutions and why?

There are so many innovative design led and sustainable products within our company, that it is difficult to select one over the other. From the Gerflor ranges, I’ve had the most involvement in our GTI Technical Tile offer, I have found the technicality behind the product manufacture and the product performance characteristics extremely interesting. It differs so much from what I have previously been involved in, such as sheet vinyl and linoleum. Gradus has a wealth of history and continues to develop new generation products. The XT Nosing range has unique qualities from a technical aspect to deliver a safer solution for Stair Edges and the Mat-in-A-Box (MIAB) product range also offers excellent installer benefits including a fast turn around. I’d say these 2 products tick my boxes as my ultimate favourites. 


What do you like doing in your spare time?

I am very much a family person, and we have two boys (now men) who have flown the nest but still live in the wider area. Spending time with them as a family continues to be very high up on the “spare time” agenda. I have recently taken up golf and regret never playing it until I turned 50, as it is such a good way to get involved in exercise and socialise with others. I’ve been fortunate enough to win the odd competition here or there at my local course, Carden Park, but in truth, the pleasure of meeting new people out ways the trophy hunting (honestly!). Holidays are a very important part of what we enjoy doing, ranging from City breaks, Touring (Wine areas of course!) & Cruises. There is such a big world out there to be seen and I endeavour to explore more, each and every year.

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