Meet the Team - Maggie Smith

Meet the Team - Maggie Smith


"Hi – I’m Maggie Smith, Team Leader for Gerflor/Gradus in Scotland."


How long have you worked in the construction sector and what do you do?

"I’ve had the pleasure of working in the construction sector since my twenties (showing my age now). The last 6 years have been with Gerflor and Gradus mostly on the specification side of the business. My role is to advise end users, architects and designers across Scotland and help them choose the right flooring and accessories required on their projects. I work in various sectors from Education, Office, Healthcare, Sports and Industry, alongside our team in Scotland."


What do you like about your role and why?

"Wow, where do I start? Each day is different, as is every project which keeps things exciting. I can be working with a large design team on a new build sports facility one day, then the next could be a local council who are renovating/extending a primary school. Every project comes with its own and often unique priorities. I like to listen and then propose a solution! I love working with Gerflor and Gradus and we have a fantastic team, with an abundance of experience between us. It feels like being part of a family, which is so important to me. "


Why is International Women's Rights Day important to you? 

"For me it’s a celebration of achievement. If someone had told me, that I would be working in the construction industry when I left school, I don’t think I would have believed them! Back then it was very much a man’s world, which has changed so much now, as women have so many opportunities and it feels empowering to be part of such a global celebration."


What are your favourite Gerflor & Gradus solutions and why?

"Oh, my goodness! What a great question. That’s an easy one to answer. Our Olympic pedigree Taraflex range of sports flooring really excites me. I love the technical aspect of flooring and this range ticks all the boxes. Taraflex provides users with an incredible piece of equipment: a vinyl floor covering that not only offers outstanding shock absorption for comfort and playability but also impact protection and the design and colours are beautiful.  Taraflex is the perfect solution in the Education sector and all Sports Facilities – it wins “GOLD” from me. From the Gradus side, the XT Stair Edgings is another product favourite. This cleverly designed range is very attractive from a visual aspect, the insert curves around the leading edge, looks clean and soft, but more importantly this feature increases safety for slips and trips. I like the fact that it is also available in aluminium, PVC U and bronze too. A very unique product from a market leader.


What do you like doing in your spare time?

"It’s family time for me! My husband has been a great support throughout my career and my absolute rock. We have our daughter, Mhari (17) and son Dean (29) keeping us busy and we spend a lot of time together cooking or eating out. I do love a good Italian. I took up running during covid which has been great for the mind and soul and entered my first 10K for Cancer Research in memory of my father-in-law Tam.  It was a very emotional day and a real personal achievement. Now onto the next one, I’ve got the bug!”

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