Meet the Team - Kaye Warne

Meet the Team - Kaye Warne


"Hi, I’m Kaye Warne, Personal Assistant to the Marketing Director and company Sales Team at Gerflor & Gradus."


How long have you worked in the construction sector and what do you do?

"I’ve been at Gradus for over 40 years, so I have worked in the construction industry for most of my working life. My day-to-day role involves managing and organising a wide variety of events and projects for the Sales & Marketing teams."


What do you like about your role and why?

 "My ethos has always been to provide the best customer service to customers and colleagues, looking after them is my priority. The sense of satisfaction on delivering long-term and unexpected short-term projects successfully and promptly is an aspect that I thrive off. Every day is different and presents its unique challenges, but when being part of the Gerflor & Gradus family, I am pleased to say that you are never alone when things need to get done. There is excellent support from all my colleagues across the business."


Why is International Women's Rights Day important to you?

"From when I started, the percentage of women in the industry has changed massively, and positively. Women are vital in many roles of construction, and we play our part in that. The construction industry presents many opportunities for inclusivity for women across the world. I am pleased to see the development in the sector. "


What are your favourite Gerflor & Gradus solutions and why?

"Creation 55 LVT is my favourite Gerflor solution because of the wide variety of designs and suitability for various hardworking spaces. There are contemporary finishes available in striking and eye-catching decors. The Wall Protection products across the board are my favourite Gradus solutions because I’ve seen them grow and been part of seeing it expand the Gradus brand.  I am really impressed with the recent SureProtect Artworx® Wall Protection collection, created in collaboration with Kate Bond, a designer who specialises in biophilic design for use in healthcare environments. Artworx® pays tribute to the stunning scenery of the nearby Peak District."


What do you like doing in your spare time?

"In my spare time I enjoy walking my dog, she is called ‘Bonnie’. I also enjoy doing Pilates and spending quality time with my family. I love being outdoors in the countryside, it helps me reset after a busy week. A recent walk was Pendle Hill, what a great view from the top."

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