It’s possible to achieve much more with flooring than 10 or 20 years ago.

Barrier matting can be broken down in several ways, such as the location of the mat, the sector it's to be installed in and the volume/type of traffic it is likely to be subjected to. 

Use & Reuse - Refurbishment Becomes an International Trend

We have supplied and installed products to Commercial Offices around the world.

As the final term at school draws to an end, an opportunity arises to evaluate the building and its facilities to highlight and begin any necessary remedial work.

We know this is a crucial time for many flooring contractors and construction projects in general.

We developed a Hybrid Matting category to fulfil a need for fast and easy installation, in low to medium traffic entrances, that typically connect to Secondary Barrier Matting for a complete system

It’s not only some of our carpets that are made with ECONYL® but our Barrier Matting Systems too. 

We've put together a comprehensive guide to using colour for our stair edgings, carpets, wall protection, barrier matting and skirting. 

Use colour. Be confident. Be bold.

A huge project has recently been completed to deliver a new train depot at Old Oak Common for the Elizabeth line in London.

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