Make an Impression with new Gradus LED Lighting Tape

Make an Impression with new Gradus LED Lighting Tape

Our new Impression LED Lighting Tape is incredibly multi-functional, ideal for use in low-lit auditoriums and medium to well-lit environments across a variety of sectors including hospitality, retail, leisure and residential developments.

Gradus Impression uses Chip On Board (COB) technology to create a brighter, continuous, more evenly diffused lighting effect, which runs throughout the profile of the tape for an ultra-modern look.

There’s a colour to suit every mood. Impression LED Tape is available in a range of different colours, including whites, single colours (blue, green, amber, red and pink) as well as colour changing and Dual White CCT, which allows mixing between different hues of white depending on the intensity required. 

You don’t have to use our Impression LED Lighting Tape on its own. It’s able to integrate into our Aluminium Step Lighting for use in low-lit entertainment venues, or with our Architectural Lighting Profiles for a clean, sleek look.  

Versatility with Impression doesn’t end there. For further control, you can hook up the LED Lighting Tape to an existing controller and adjust the temperature of the lighting depending on your mood.

Light up your next project

We have nearly 3 decades of experience in specialist LED Lighting and have helped advise and install them on projects across the world, within cinemas, lecture theatres, cruise ships, night clubs, restaurants, leisure attractions and more. 

Whether you need lighting for safety, guidance, mood or to add the 'wow factor' - we have many options and the expertise to make it a reality. 

We can provide product solutions as supply-only or as part of a supply and fit package. Through our dedicated Specification Consultants and Contracts Team, we can manage the entire process to tailor quotations and orders to the specific needs of each individual project. 

To find out more about how Gradus Impression LED Lighting Tape can glow up your next project, please contact our technical support team by calling 01625 428922 or by emailing us at 

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