Incorporate mood lighting into your next project

Incorporate mood lighting into your next project

When designing a space, creating the right mood and atmosphere is essential. How people feel when spending time within an environment is of central importance and a suitable lighting system can play a pivotal role in this.

One of the most effective ways to establish the desired overall ambiance is through the use of mood lighting. But what types of solutions are available today and how can they be incorporated into different environments?

A mood for every environment
LED Architectural Lighting is one of the most effective and versatile ways to set the required atmosphere within a space, with the ability to create a wide range of lighting effects within sectors such as Hospitality & Leisure, Retail, Residential, Commercial Office, Health & Fitness, Education, Healthcare.

Make a statement
Whether you’re looking to create a subtle, ambient glow or a striking focal point, you can combine a wide selection of aluminium profiles, LED tapes and control equipment into a single mood lighting solution that meets your specific project needs.

Find the right balance
The best way to specify LED Architectural Lighting is to consider each individual element and how these combine to create the overall lighting solution. This means giving equal attention to the aluminium profiles, the LED tapes, and the control equipment.

As part of this, there are a wide range of key points to consider:

  • Location – Will the aluminium profile be installed in a visible location? Is the profile for a very specific application – i.e. a floor, a corner or curve?
  • Mounting type – Is a surface mounted, recessed or plaster-in aluminium profile the most practical option for the location, surrounding surfaces and lighting effect you want to create?
  • Diffuser cover style – For example. is single bar light or ‘wall wash’ effect required?
  • Tape style – If combining with a shallow profile then a Spotless tape is recommended. Traditional style tapes are best suited for deeper profiles to eliminate the risk of ‘spotting’.
  • LED intensity – The wattage and lumen rating will impact on the overall output and brightness.
  • IP rating – IP20 uncoated tapes are suitable for interior environments where there is no risk of moisture. For bars or areas prone to spillages, we’d recommend a IP65 Splashproof tape.
  • Colour & flexibility – Will there only ever be a requirement for a single colour tape or is there a need to adjust the colour or intensity of the LED on demand? For example, within bars that turn into dancefloors at night or shop window displays that are frequently refreshed.
  • Functionality – Does the user have a preference for compatibility with a specific type of communication protocol? Would a wireless handheld remote or wall controller be required?

Only once all the above have been considered can you really begin to create an overall package that perfectly matches your requirements in terms of style, performance and functionality.

How Gradus can support you
At Gradus, we have more than 25 years’ experience in the manufacture and supply of specialist LED lighting systems. Our expert team are equipped with the technical knowledge and experience to assist you every step of the way. We work closely with all our customers from start to finish to ensure we create an overall lighting package that is perfectly tailored to your project.

Gradus offer a Supply & Fit service, which removes the inconvenience of organising third parties and provides you with extra peace of mind for a smooth and reliable site installation.

Be inspired by our recently launched LED Architectural Lighting brochure. Have you downloaded your copy yet?

Click here to view our full range, or to book an initial discussion with one of our specification consultants call Gradus Technical Support on 01625 428922.

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