Safe Fun

Safe Fun

The Great British summer is upon us and that leads many of us to the leisure and hospitality sector.

Those working in the sector can testify that the typical holiday maker presents a unique set of challenges, attributed to a relaxed state of mind while being in unfamiliar environments, plus other variables such as juggling children, flip-flops and inflatables!

Regardless, stairs needn’t ruin anyone’s fun. 

Through the correct specification and installation of stair edgings on all publicly accessible stairs, you’re reducing the risk of slips, trips and falls. 

One of the key considerations is moisture and evaluating where stairs can easily become wet. The infamous British weather means a rain shower is never too far away and that can lead to outdoor patios, terraces and split-level buildings becoming vulnerable to pooling water and slippages, especially on stairs.

And finally, use colour. We offer a large variety so that you can meet light reflective value requirements but also to brighten up any building’s visual appeal. 

Click here to understand all you need to know about stair edgings, including best fit, combating moisture and how to pick the right colour.

Happy (safe) holidays! 

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