Helping Specifiers with Flooring Accessories

Helping Specifiers with Flooring Accessories

Hello, my name is Jonny Fisher, Regional Sales Manager at Gradus. I’ve worked with specifiers, contract flooring specialists and distributors in the flooring industry for more than 15 years. In that time, I’ve worked principally in and around London, helping and advising specifiers on a broad range of projects.

One of my key roles is to help and offer advice to specifiers on the latest building regulations and guidelines. There are many risk factors to consider when specifying accessories and my role is to ensure that the correct product is specified for every application, so that each project is delivered to the highest possible standard.

Unfortunately, it is still common for the specifier to receive the design specification for the flooring accessories without key design factors being confirmed or considered early enough in the design process. The accessories package, particularly for stair edgings, is usually considered very late in the design process, resulting in potential re-work for the specifier. My experience is that many specifiers are usually pressed for time, and that’s where I come in. I can save the specifier valuable time by helping to write the overall scope and specification, eliminating the risk factors associated with flooring accessories and ensuring the project and design specifications are met.

We work closely with a large network of architects, designers, contractors and distributors. Whatever stage you are at with your project or whatever your responsibilities are to complete that project, I and my Gradus colleagues are here and happy to help. We’re with you…

Please get in touch with me on 07860 687527 for any help or advice. Alternatively contact Gradus on for support, site visits and much more.

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