How Much Entrance Matting to Use?

How Much Entrance Matting to Use?

While in recent hot weather, it's easy to forget how easily dirt and moisture tracks through a building, it's actually the perfect time to start installing building defences, such as entrance matting. But how much entrance matting does it take to guard against the elements? We take a look, below.  

Matting should cover the entire entrance of a building, including side entrances so that traffic cannot enter without passing over the mat.

Length (Going) - is critical to the function of the mat. The length will vary dependent on volume of traffic crossing the mat along with consideration to peak times of traffic flow. HSL (Health & Safety Laboratory) and EFSA (Entrance Flooring Systems Association) have provided the following guidance based on peak flow rates per hour.

78 people per hour = 3-4 metres

400 people per hour = 6-7 metres

800 people per hour = 8-10 metres

Where it's not possible to install primary matting, use secondary matting, particularly when entrances are close to stairs or next to surfaces with low levels of slip resistance.

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