A Single Manufacturer is Value Enhancing

A Single Manufacturer is Value Enhancing

Using a single manufacturer for a range of different products on a project isn’t just easier, it’s more value enhancing. 

Multiproduct manufactures, like us, gain from shared experience and best practice, meaning we provide more value at prices that are exposed to the same market forces as any other brand. We pit ourselves against each other to sharpen and improve any weakness across our entire value chain. We’re also supportive of each other and our teams, while also challenging each other to think bigger and smarter. 

Taking Healthcare as an example, a sector we have more than 50 years of experience of manufacturing and supplying to, we know…

Holistic approach to design

Building regulations 

Building life-cycle costs

Supporting our community

Sustainability and ethical concerns 

Zoning and zone management


Value engineering 

Use of space

Concerns about health and safety

User journeys and building stress points

Procurement processes 

Governing bodies and facilities 

Current macro objectives and targets

Budget management and stress points

Lines of management and stakeholders, who needs to know what and when

Contemporary sector issues like infection control, cleaning, maintenance programs, patient care, dementia, mental health and much more

What we learn today, we apply to all. 

We’d be delighted to help you on your next project, contact us 

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