Reflecting on 2020

Reflecting on 2020

Last year at this time we wrote – “Here’s to 2020 and conquering BIG challenges!” No one in our company claims to be an oracle with prophetic vision, however, we were certainly close to the mark on this one. 

There is so much we could say about the events and wider impact of 2020 but we’ll focus on our collective business experience and the things we’re looking ahead to during 2021 and beyond. 

Keeping Going

In 2020 “business as usual” wasn’t ever the appropriate call, at least from March onwards. In response to the COVID-19 situation, we initially focussed on the safe management of our people, while ensuring we could meet the needs of critical projects, such as the three major hospitals that were expedited in response to the COVID-19 situation.   

Through an outstanding collective response and a great deal of flexibility from our teams, we were able to minimise disruption and deliver to those projects on time.

Later in the year, when it seemed that things had improved, we embarked on delivering the essentials to our various sectors, as and when they opened again, in an understated and cautious fashion. This proved to be the manner that has endured up until now. 

In summary, this isn’t a year for punching the air and shouting about achievements, but we’re grateful to be entering 2021 with our integrity intact and our reputation upheld. 

Wall Protection and Healthcare

We recognise we'll always be synonymous for Stair Edgings, matting and other flooring accessory products but, for more than two decades, we’ve been manufacturing and project managing the installation of  Wall Protection products for hospitals.

In that time, thanks to the effort, expertise and dedication of our specialist Wall Protection team, we've become a trusted name supplying and fitting our products in some of the most prestigious and important hospital buildings.

Today,  we now have one of the most complete suites of interior products available to benefit any new, or existing, hospital projects. And, more importantly, the understanding of how to coordinate and deliver what matters to each, upholding the highest level of integrity throughout.

We're incredibly proud to be the brand that protects the buildings that in turn protect us. Improving hospitals, improves lives.

Dementia Design & 25 Years of the Disability Discrimination Act

We’re passionate about promoting independent living and ensuring that people continue to live independent and fulfilling lives for as long as possible. 

Understanding the requirements of the end user as well as working alongside evolving building standards and guidance to produce complementary products has been a key part of our success.

Using over 50 years of knowledge and experience we have designed and manufactured a wide range of products that promote independent living – from handrails that provide vital support and guidance to stair edgings that provide critical safety underfoot. It has always been clear to us that we would need to work with an organisation at the forefront of inclusive design research. We therefore look forward to revealing further results from our work with the Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) at the University of Stirling, an international organisation with more than 25 years’ experience in improving the lives of people with dementia through the development of research-led design principles.

During that same time period campaigners have embedded the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), which we now refer to as the Equality Act (2010). We’re very proud to have made the act a cornerstone of our business and through the creation of products which complement inclusive design, contributed to improving the lives of those living with disability. Next year will be no different. 


Unfortunately, due to this year’s difficulties, we had to postpone the satisfying charitable work with Groundwork, where we reclaim poor quality urban space and redirect its use into helpful and attractive areas which support the local community. However, we look forward to partnering with them again the future.


Despite the difficult background, on top of a very different looking Christmas ahead, we remain excited by the projects and ideas we have for 2021. We continue to operate our fast, flexible and focused principals and look forward to sharing some new ideas soon.

We’re thankful once again for the support from customers, suppliers and our people.

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