Flood Water Proves No Barrier To British Manufacturing

Flood Water Proves No Barrier To British Manufacturing

Back in early August, "biblical" flooding across Cheshire washed across the national news headlines.

While the crumbling dam in Whaley Bridge held most of the nation in anxious suspense, just a few miles away, in Poynton, where we manufacture our Carpets, we were faced with the grim reality of the flood's aftermath. The nearby and adjacent river had risen over 10ft and soon swamped the floors of our carpet manufacturing plant. Our team there had quickly anticipated the situation and had shut down the power and elevated as much of the stock and raw material as possible. 

While the flood water had damaged certain sections and created some machinery issues, we pulled together, mobilising teams from other Gradus manufacturing sites across Macclesfield, who worked night and day to restore the plant to full production within a matter of days. 

Even through this adversity, as a result of the initial quick thinking and hard work, we were able to maintain 100% service delivery to ALL our customers. 

Furthermore, we took the opportunity to carry out maintenance to optimise our machinery, so they are now working better and more efficiently than ever.  

Whatever the current news portrays, we're in good shape at Gradus!

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