Cheese, anyone?

Cheese, anyone?

No? We thought not - and not just because it's Veganuary! Good luck with that, if you're involved. 

We do hope you'll be more interested in working with us in 2020 to create inclusive, robust, safe and inspiring buildings, however.

Why us?

  • We have specialisms across different product sectors, including Flooring Accessories, Barrier Matting, Floorcoverings, Wall Protection, LED Lighting and more. This gives us a unique perspective and a much wider view than typical manufacturers.  
  • We've worked in many different commercial sectors and on prestigious projects the World over. We don’t buckle under pressure and like big challenges.  
  • Our services are trusted and relied upon to deliver project expertise and support every single day. We pride ourselves on our quality, reliability and ability to add value to your business.  

And in 2020…  

  • As we mentioned at the end of last year, we have done much work to understand how to design for dementia and how to meet the needs of an evolving and growing section of our community. Speak to us about how to create integrated designs that promote independent living.
  • Our floorcovering’s business becomes united with Gerflor, which means we now have a huge catalogue of market-leading products, combined with new expertise. And now Gerflor benefits from the customer service principals that have stood us apart for more than half a century. 
  • We’re examining our business every day and making changes to reduce our carbon footprint and minimise our contribution to climate change. 

Happy New Year!

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