A Break From the Norm

A Break From the Norm

Safe in the Knowledge

In response to the current climate, we’ve created a new content campaign that is devoted to taking you on a person-lead tour, exposing some of the detail our employees work in, in different areas of the business. 

We think you’d feel “Safe in the Knowledge” if we lifted the lid slightly on what we think about before you specify, buy or install our products and services. 

We also think, while many are working from home or encountering disruption (or probably both), sharing knowledge and continuing to learn, is key to being perfectly positioned on “the other side” 

Here’s the first…

A Break From the Norm

As the Communication’s Manager for Gradus I aim to consider and balance many different variables to try and create content that resonates with our many different customers. 

Our customers include flooring fitters, contract managers, facility managers, architects, quantity surveyors, distributors, sales teams, building owners and more. 

We also supply the different public sectors, such as healthcare, hospitality, transport, retail and education.

As a result of COVID-19, we know there have been seismic shifts and intense pressure on our customers across all work disciplines and sectors. 

Alongside those pressures, we’re witnessing some incredible acts of kindness (ignoring the panic buying!) as communities rally around to support those who are vulnerable, and each other, on levels I’ve never seen in my lifetime.

It’s also clear to me that retaining a sense of humour and holding onto a good deal of hope for the future is crucial in how we cope and manage our way forward. 

As for our communications, we’ll need to take a break from the norm to try and bring knowledge and content that helps all our customers. We’ll also potentially make more mistakes and our imperfections will show. Please bear with us!

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