Make The Transition

Make The Transition

Flooring transitions provide a neat, clean and safe finish to the edges and joins of floorcoverings. They help to protect the floorcoverings from damage and reduce the risk of accidents

We offer a comprehensive range of transition profiles for use across a variety of floorcovering types. During recent years we have recognised the increase in popularity of loose lay LVT and modular flooring within commercial applications. With this in mind, we recently launched a dedicated Floor Trim Collection brochure, in which we have featured a selection of existing trims that are ideal for LVT and other types of modular floorcovering.

Our Floor Trim Collection brochure features profiles in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours, allowing you to select a trim that either coordinates with the surrounding environment for a subtle finish, or alternatively, contrasts, if you intend to highlight a walkway, for example. A number of profiles can also be curved on-site or by our fabrication team by request.

Transition Strips:

Whether it’s for use with LVT or a different type of modular floorcovering such as wood, ceramic or carpet tile, our comprehensive range of Transition Strips can help to reduce the risk of accidents by providing a safe and neat junction.  A variety of configurations are available ranging from ramps for floorcoverings of differing heights, “twin tops” for floorcoverings of the same or similar heights, and a selection of profiles for installing directly up to skirting.

Multi-Purpose Trims:

Due to their reduced visible surface when installed, our Multi-Purpose Trims are perfect for areas where a clean, subtle transition is required, allowing the trim to blend in with the surrounding environment and floorcoverings.  Available in a choice of either aluminium, brass or stainless steel finishes, these profiles are available in 3 base options:

Solid base suitable for straights

Pre-punched base with tabs and fixing holes for on-site curving

Perforated base with fixing holes for straights and use with ceramics

Cover Strips:

Cover Strips are designed for use with floorcoverings of a similar thickness and are typically used at door thresholds, where two floorcoverings meet. We offer Cover Strips in a choice of central or side-drilled countersunk fixing holes. The “AJC” profiles offer fantastic versatility and can also be used as expansion joint covers.  Profiles are available in a selection of materials ranging from aluminium, stainless steel and brass, complemented by a great choice of finishes including mill, matt, silver anodised and polished to suit your specific needs.

Skirting & Coving:

Our skirting & cove formers provide a neat, clean and safe solution for junctions where the floor meets the wall. Gradus profiles are the perfect complement for any LVT and other types of modular floorcoverings such as woods, ceramics and carpet tile.

Click here to download a copy of our Floor Trim Collection brochure or pick one up at your local flooring distributor.

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