Case Study - Caudwell Children’s Centre

Case Study - Caudwell Children’s Centre

The Caudwell International Children’s Centre (CICC) is an award-winning £18 million development located at Keele University Science & Innovation Park, and the UK’s first independent facility dedicated to the diagnosis, support and research of autism. The awards won by the project include; RICS® Project of the Year 2019, Design in Mental Health Project of the Year 2019 and Healthcare Estates® IHEEM Awards Project of the Year 2019.

For the staircases in the four-story building, Gradus supplied its ASXT20 Aluminium stair edgings with Interior inserts in colour Wisp. Part of Gradus’s market-leading XT Aluminium range of stair edgings, the ASXT20 features an aluminium channel with an insert design that extends around the leading edge of the profile to ensure that foot contact is always made with the slip-resistant element of the stair edging. In addition, XT Aluminium includes a unique locking mechanism to secure the insert in place, making it ideal for use in areas where intensive cleaning is required.

As a healthcare facility, the centre is subject to intensive cleaning on a daily basis, and therefore requires easy-to-maintain, hygienic fittings wherever possible, Gradus therefore recommended an adhesive-only installation of the ASXT20 stair edgings using its Gradus Grip stair edging adhesive. Gradus Grip is a specialist stair edging adhesive designed to securely bond stair edgings, eliminating the need for screws and screw head cover plugs, for a neater and more attractive finish. The absence of any screw holes or cover plugs will remove the risk of any dirt or bacteria finding its way into these difficult-to-access crevasses, ensuring that the required cleaning standards can always be maintained.

Gradus’s Multi-Purpose ETR floor trim, installed throughout the centre, was used to create a neat finish between the laminate walkways and carpeted activity spaces. As well as enhancing the look inside the building, the ETR floor trims also play a vital role in prolonging the life of the floorcoverings – ultimately saving money on long-term refurbishment and preserving appearance by protecting their edges from damage.

James Pass, Director & Architect at C4 Projects, commented: "We’re really pleased with Gradus’s contribution to the project. The flooring accessories and adhesive they supplied make cleaning and maintenance simpler and more effective than it otherwise would have been, whilst also playing a small but vital part in the visual identity of the centre"

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