Keep winter out, with the help of our barrier matting!

Keep winter out, with the help of our barrier matting!

With winter fast approaching, and the adverse weather that comes with it, it is
important to ensure your business is ready for it.

Take a look at your main entrances, are they at risk of bringing in dirt and
moisture to soil your interior flooring? If so, why not invest in some of our
barrier matting?

If you already have matting, but it isn’t quite up to scratch, have you considered
replacing it?

Here at Gradus, we aim to provide you with the right barrier matting solutions to
help save you money on long-term maintenance, whilst also minimising the risk
of slip accidents caused by wet or soiled.

Perfect during the current climate, where saving money where you can is key.

We offer 3 ranges of matting, which we will explain briefly to you below:

Primary Barrier Matting:

Enhances the safety of the building and, prevents less moisture and dirt from reaching the surrounding floorcoverings.

Secondary Barrier Matting:

Apply to areas prone to spillage or soilage, such as canteens and breakout areas where people frequently congregate.

Hybrid Barrier Matting:

Quick and easy to install and can be trimmed on site, for those in a hurry.

Whether it’s for a commercial office, healthcare, education or Leisure and Hospitality
environment, it’s important to have the correct matting.

Click on the below link to find out more, or call one of our specialists on 01625 428922 and we will help to find the right solution for you.

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