Reduce maintenance costs in schools with wall cladding

Reduce maintenance costs in schools with wall cladding

A recent government survey found that schools in England require £11.4bn to repair all the defective elements within their buildings – with £1.5bn of this needed for windows and walls*.

This highlights the state of disrepair that the interior walls of many schools are in, as well as the significant costs involved in keeping them in a satisfactory condition. But how can facility managers break out of the endless cycle of repairing and repainting and save time and money on maintenance?

Damaged walls

Schools are busy environments. Every day, their walls are brushed against, bumped into, scraped, and otherwise impacted by many pupils. Over time, this naturally causes damage, including scuffs, chips, dents, and cracks.

The effect of this is twofold: it lowers the appearance of the interior, making it look shabby and unkempt, and it creates crevices that can become health & safety hazards and harbour bacteria.

The traditional response to this problem is for facilities teams to spend much of the school holidays repairing, painting, and maintaining the walls to restore them to a presentable state for when the pupils return. But inevitably, another year passes and they are once again in a state of disrepair, meaning the cycle continues perpetually.

The benefits of wall cladding

Wall cladding is the simplest and most cost-effective solution to this problem. When installed in the right areas of the walls, it will protect against ongoing daily damage – ensuring that walls retain their appearance term after term, year after year.

For high-traffic areas, the ideal product is Gradus SureProtect Endure®. This is an easy to clean and durable vinyl sheet, designed to protect large surfaces from damage caused by pedestrians, school bags and objects such as chairs and tables. As it is textured and through-coloured, SureProtect Endure® conceals the effects of impact and abrasion, meaning that even when it is damaged it retains its appearance.

By installing the right wall cladding, facility managers will save a significant amount on maintenance, as the cycle of repainting and repairing comes to an end. Not only will their corridors and classrooms look more attractive, but they will stay that way too.

Introducing artwork

As well as guarding walls from damage, wall cladding can also play a key role in the aesthetic impact of the building. SureProtect Endure® is available in 34 colours, meaning it will coordinate with most design schemes, while other solutions are available that can integrate artwork.

The market-leader in this respect is our SureProtect® Design, which offers a range of finishes in woods and metals, as well as the option to create bespoke designs. This helps to create a more engaging and inspiring learning environment by adding a touch of visual flair to the walls.

Whether it’s specially commissioned artworks that fit into the ethos or history of the school, or the best student designs from a competition, the possibilities with SureProtect® Design are endless.

Click here to see our full range of wall protection for schools. We also offer a free building survey service, which sees our specialist wall protection team use their product expertise to identify the most vulnerable areas within your building and recommend protection where it’s needed.


*Condition of School Buildings Survey, Department for Education, May 2021



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