Education: A Problem-Solving Guide for Specifiers

Education: A Problem-Solving Guide for Specifiers

Gerflor & Gradus are manufacturers of contract interior solutions, offering a complete range of products designed to enhance and protect education spaces. In this article, we explore how Gerflor & Gradus products can help resolve common problems encountered in Education spaces to provide a safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing space for students and staff.

Noise Pollution

On upper levels of education spaces, noise created by footsteps, objects being dropped, and furniture being moved around can radiate through to the spaces below. Talking and walking noise can also reverberate around spaces, creating a disruptive and stressful learning environment.

Selected Gerflor floorcoverings have acoustic properties that help decrease noise pollution using one of two main types of sound reduction: Impact Sound and Sound Absorption. Installing a floorcovering that has enhanced acoustic performance may help promote a more positive learning experience.

Traditionally, carpet rolls and tiles can be used to reduce sound levels in education areas such as classrooms, auditoriums and libraries. Gradus Times Square provides an enhanced 32dB reduction in Impact Noise due to its recycled foam backing. Times Square is also aesthetically pleasing, featuring a segmented, linear design in a choice of colours to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

Alternatively, Gerflor Creation 70 Zen Luxury Vinyl Tiles provide 20dB of Acoustic insulation and 65dB of Impact Sound Absorption and features a choice of wood, mineral and textile designs that will enhance any colour scheme. 

Floorcoverings are one product – rather than many – that can help resolve noise pollution in learning environments.

Maintenance Costs

Maintaining educational buildings from issues such as dirt and moisture being tracked in, or the cost of refurbishing walls which are subject to scuffs and scrapes from bags and wheeled traffic can negatively impact the cost and lifecycle of surrounding finishes. Durable products that offer easy cleaning and prevent recurrent costs associated with maintenance can help negate some of these issues.

Gradus Barrier Matting Systems play a crucial role in extending the lifecycle of surrounding floorcoverings. By effectively absorbing dirt and moisture from foot and wheeled traffic, these matting systems significantly reduce the amount of debris tracked into a building. As a result, the internal floorcoverings remain cleaner and require less maintenance. The presence of barrier matting importantly helps prevent slips on damp floors, enhancing safety for building users. Whether used at entrances, access points, or other high-traffic areas, Gradus Barrier Matting ensures not only a cleaner environment but also contributes to the overall durability of the flooring.

Gradus SureProtect Endure PVC-u Wall Cladding can be used in areas subject to impact damage from bags and wheeled traffic by absorbing the impact.  Any damage is concealed within the textured, through-coloured PVC-u material. SureProtect Endure also helps reduce the need to refurbish and repaint walls which helps reduce long-term costs associated with repeated maintenance.

Selected Gerflor floorcoverings are designed with exclusive surface treatments which can make cleaning easier, reduce stains and create highly durable floorcoverings. Creating a non-porous barrier prevents liquids from soaking through the floorcoverings, making stain removal simple and easy. 

Student Safety

Education spaces need to be safe places for everyone to navigate. Floors that are damp from dirt or moisture being tracked onto them can easily become slippery when the correct products are not used. Stairs are also common places for trips and falls to occur, so making these areas as safe as possible can help reduce accidents and provide an inclusive environment for all building users.

Gerflor Safety Flooring is designed to provide slip-resistance and durability in heavy-use areas for the life of the product with selected ranges achieving between R10-R12 slip-resistance or HSE compliant 36+ PTV ratings. Ideal for use in circulation spaces such as corridors and stairs, as well as WC’s, changing rooms and shower rooms. 

Gradus Stair Edgings can help reduce accidents in two ways: by providing slip-resistance at the edge of the step and providing visual contrast to highlight the edge of the step. With a range of PTV tested interior and exterior inserts providing different levels of slip-resistance, solutions are available for most applications. A wide choice of colour options provides sufficient visual contrast – at least 30 LRV points - to help create safe stairs for everyone. 

Inspirational Learning Environment

Soft, calming tones or bright, stimulating colours can be used to help meet the specific needs of students. Gerflor Flooring offers a wide choice of wood, mineral, textile, graphic and plain resilient floorcoverings as well as linear, abstract and plain Gradus Carpet designs. Use in conjunction with Gradus Wall Protection, Barrier Matting, Stair Edgings and LED Lighting for a complete solution that allows flexibility in designing zones.

Sustainable & Cost Effective

With the increasing pressure to reduce carbon impact within the built environment, sustainable specifying that doesn’t cost the Earth is high on the agenda. A wide range of Gerflor & Gradus products contain recycled material and our manufactured using sustainable factories as standard, without jeopardising quality and value. 

Gradus aluminium Stair Edgings contain 70% recycled material and selected PVC products contain PVC sourced from production waste. 

Selected Carpet and Matting ranges are manufactured using ECONYL® Regenerated Solution Dyed Nylon which is produced using nylon waste which is recovered from oceans and landfills. Selected Carpet ranges also have Bitumen backing that contains 75% recycled material. 

Gerflor Creation LVT ranges contain up to 55% recycled content and DLW Linoleum is manufactured from 98% natural materials.

Gerflor & Gradus are committed to reducing their Carbon Footprint with milestone targets set for 2025. Visit and to view their CSR Reports for detailed information. We Care. We Act.


Whether it’s a Sports Hall, Classroom or Library, Gerflor & Gradus have durable products that go beyond aesthetics to help create an environment that is inspiring, safe, sustainable and durable. To discuss your Education project, contact Gerflor & Gradus on 01625 428922 or alternatively, email or 

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