Education specification simplified!

Education specification simplified!

When specifying interior solutions for education environments there are multiple products to consider, as well as many factors driving the specification. So the challenge is finding solutions that deliver a specification which balances performance, aesthetics and cost.

This plethora of considerations and multiple product options can make specification a time consuming and risky task. Which is where simple innovations can really help to minimise risk and save time for specifiers working on education projects.     

Introducing the Education Specification Tool

A digital tool recently created by Gradus and Gerflor aims to take the risk out of specifying products across the multiple areas that make up an education building. The tool cleverly reduces the time required to look through multiple products, instead presenting a succinct range of recommended products per area. These products are perfectly tailored to deliver the desired performance and aesthetics based on the function of the area and furthermore the products presented suit a range of budgets.

By simply breaking down the building into easily digestible areas and functions – from corridors and stairs to classrooms and kitchens – the key considerations and most effective products for that area are easily presented and selected from.

With clear visualisations of each zone, the tool also makes it possible to ensure that the products you choose are not only right for your needs – but complement each other visually, too.

When safety is a performance measure

In schools one of the key areas to ensure safety and performance, as well as aesthetics is ‘Corridors and stairs’, which is where slips, trips and falls will commonly occur. The main considerations in these areas are slip resistance, light reflective value, and durability over time, with the need to deal with:

  • Heavy traffic, both pedestrian and wheeled
  • Zoning and navigation assistance
  • Slip-resistance and the ability to cope with heavy rolling loads
  • Safe well specified stair edgings
  • Robust wall protection to protect vulnerable walls and corners
  • Handrails for guidance and support in busy corridors

In this crucial area the tool cleverly presents a selection of resilient flooring and carpet solutions, including the high-performance Gerflor Mipolam Affinity vinyl flooring for heavy-duty traffic, Taralay Impression Control safety flooring, Gradus XT stair edgings, which provide the ultimate solution for reducing slips, trips and falls on stairs, and market-leading Gradus wall cladding solutions including SureProtect Endure, which offers a durable, protective layer for vulnerable walls in high traffic areas.

On top of this, each product is presented in a wide selection of colours and designs, ensuring they can fit into any design scheme.

From sports hall to staff room

This equally applies to all other areas of the building – from sports halls to classrooms, staff rooms to dining halls. As each of these areas has its own specific requirements, the new tool clearly details these, while presenting the most relevant products to meet them.

When specifying for a library, for example, the tool will suggest welcoming flooring solutions with strong acoustic properties. For canteens, on the other hand, easy cleaning and slip-resistance become stronger flooring and wall protection priorities. And if you select a sports hall, the floors presented will include the renowned Taraflex® multi-use sports floor, all the way up to specialist sport floor solutions including tennis or badminton.

Gradus and Gerflor have a fusion of products including flooring, flooring accessories, barrier matting and wall protection solutions to successfully support education specification across all areas of the building and project. Now, with the launch of this new interactive specification tool it’s never been quicker and easier to make the right choices for your needs.

If you’re refurbishing an education building, arrange an appointment with an education specialist, who in person will simplify your specification process using this new innovative tool. For Gradus Call 01625 428922 and for Gerflor Call 03332 412901

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