Developing minds in a clean, safe, and attractive environment

Developing minds in a clean, safe, and attractive environment

Developing minds through education is fundamental and keeping a clean, safe, and attractive environment to develop them in is also vital.

With our specification guidance, from the main entrance to back of house, we have multiple solutions to help you deliver this.

Safety and protection from the first step.

First of all let’s talk about the entrances to your buildings, do you have a sufficient primary barrier matting, which helps reduce the risk of slips, as well as help maintain the lifecycle of the surrounding floor coverings?, If not take a look at our Esplanade range. This range comes in several specifications so you can ensure you can choose the right one for your level and type of traffic.

If a quick solution is required, our hybrid option, Mat-in-a-box can be installed quickly and can be cut on site. Available in closed construction and in different gauges this mat suits both recessed and surface mounted options, and with a 5 day manufacturing service, can be ordered and installed within a week.

A second level of protection

The Boulevard secondary barrier matting range is perfect for interior entrances and is designed to follow on from primary barrier matting such as the Esplanade range. Boulevard is made from high performance textiles to provide an effective surface for the removal and retention of dirt and moisture, further keeping your internal floor coverings clean and easy to maintain.

Reduce maintenance in busy areas.

One of the most important products to reduce maintenance and improve the aesthetics of a building is wall protection. There are many different ranges that we offer to help keep your building looking newer for longer and easy to maintain.

One of these is our PVC-u wall protection profiles, that can be incorporated into your corridors and other high traffic areas, which are known to be knocked and scraped on a regular basis, protecting the wall and reducing the need for regular redecoration Our range of wall protection includes corner guards, handrails and corner guards.

Inspire with art.

For areas requiring a splash of design, whether it be educational or fun, we have Sure Protect Design. An easy to clean and maintain protective sheet for your walls, which can be printed bespoke to include any design you want.

Protect from slips, trips and falls

We have a wide range of stair edgings to suit many needs, our most popular is the XT stair edging,
which has no equal with a unique locking mechanism that extends around
the lead edge of the step reducing the risk of slips, trips and falls on
stairs. They also offer improved performance when used in areas where
more intensive cleaning is required. With a range of profiles, including
slip resistant inserts, this unique solution can be used with both
resilient flooring and carpets.
With a wide choice of slip-resistant
inserts to choose from, you can highlight the edge of the step ensuring
the stairs can be used by everyone.

Create a neat transition between floors

When floor trims are needed, we can provide you with many profile options to meet your design needs, whether you want the easy to install clip top, which can be easily replaced, or a specialised curved option that come pre punched for easy installation. We also provide multi purpose trims, which are designed to provide a neat join between different floorcoverings and to protect the edges of the floorcoverings. They are aesthetically pleasing and suit most room designs as they come in a range of materials such as aluminium, brass and stainless steel.

Keeping it light

Lighting is also important within the educational sector. Whether it be an auditorium or a classroom, we have the solution for you. LED step lighting creates both a safe and decorative lighting solution, especially in areas such as performing arts theatres. You can always ensure that both students and visitors are safe underfoot as every step edge can be made clear with this solution. For these environments we also provide LED wall lights, so the edge of every wall can also be seen.

Another lighting system which we can provide is our stunning LED Architectural lighting system, which can be used and designed in many ways to create an incredibly versatile range that can be utilised to create decorative and mood lighting for education. This is all made possible by our range of Aluminium profiles and commercial-grade LED tapes, which can be worked in many ways to suit your needs.

Safety outside

To provide a full solution we also offer a range of external safety and aesthetical solution. First and foremost, we offer speed bumps, which are key for safety in any area where high pedestrian traffic is expected. Choose from our range to help ensure vehicles slow down when entering and moving around your grounds, keeping your students safe.

We can also provide protection posts, which can be used to stop doors from swinging open fully, protecting them and anyone who may come into contact with them.

When thinking about your outdoor steps, are they safe in all weathers? If not, check out our Trans-Edge range. This range of heavy duty exterior step edges help to prevent trips and falls as they add a hard-wearing, slip-resistant and visually contrasting finish for stairs.

The final safety option we can provide you with is the Safety Track. These flooring strips are perfect for the lead up to entrances, or on ramps, where slips can occur (especially in wintery weather). The Safety Track is a heavy-duty slip-resistant surface finish which consists of a silicon carbide resin carrier with a self-adhesive backing, making it easy to lay and position on a range of different outdoor flooring.

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