How Does Product Choice Impact Infection Control?

How Does Product Choice Impact Infection Control?

The need for hygienic and easy-to-clean Wall Protection solutions in healthcare buildings has never been greater. In the current Coronavirus climate, the importance of healthcare environments is playing a contributory role in fighting off the pandemic. As such, healthcare buildings must assess their inbuilt cleanability to control infection as much as possible. 

According to Healthline, one in ten people admitted to hospital will contract a hospital acquired infection (HAI) and one of the most common wards where HAIs occur is in intensive care, while contaminated areas can also increase the risk of HIAs by almost 10%.

The importance of the hospital environment in patient care has been widely recognised in infection prevention and control (IPC). Keeping hospitals and healthcare environments clean is not just an aesthetic, but with the current pandemic has now become a huge critical patient safety issue. 

Additionally, healthcare buildings witness incredibly high levels of traffic, and never more so than at present, which can cause considerable damage and wear within a relatively short period of time. 

All the above creates challenges in the context of cleanliness and protection:

Damaged building interiors, apart from looking unsightly, can be difficult to clean because bacteria can harbour in the cracks, which only deteriorate more over time. 

Each individual material in the built environment, such as surfaces and interior finishes, can foster or improve hygienic efforts for staff and patient safety. The products used within a healthcare building must be robust enough endure rigorous cleaning regimes.

Poorly protected or maintained Interiors can also reduce the perception and confidence in the anticipated care provided within the facility. Psychologically this can have a profound impact and even prolong recovery. 

Repeatedly repairing or renewing interiors can incur significant costs, especially over the lifecycle of a building.

How does our product solve it? 

Our Wall Protection products are designed to work together to protect the many different facets of a building’s interior. Specifying an effective package of Wall Protection products can help reduce the levels of everyday damage to building interiors, minimise the need for on-going repair and maintenance, reduce lifecycle costs and enhance the long-term appearance.

All our protective sheet products have been designed to fall within the parameters of HBN 00-10 - a set of essential standards for quality and safety for healthcare building walls. 

To enable rigorous cleaning, when our products were tested to EN ISO 175:2010 (for chemical resistance) the results showed that they were not physically affected by the use of chemicals, detergents or disinfectants. 

Furthermore, to ensure that our products are fit for healthcare cleanliness standards, SureProtect Endure, which is a through coloured textured sheet, and SureProtect Pure, a smooth hygienic sheet, have both been tested to EN ISO 846:1997- Part C. The results show that neither material supports bacterial or fungal growth. 

For robustness, we have had our Wall Protection materials impact tested in line with ISO 6603-1:2000 determination of puncture impact test.

Our products are available in many different colours, textures and we also offer an option for some bespoke designs

How long is the warranty? 

20-year warranty 

How do I order it?

Call 01625 428922 and a member from our Wall Protection team will be happy to help you with help and advice for all your project needs.

Where should I look for more information? 

Our dedicated Wall Protection brochure offers guidance and support, such as how best to protect buildings, using examples of good practice in both healthcare and education facilities.  We look at the important guidance and offer specification advice, including how to zone your project to ensure protection where it’s needed. Download a copy of our brochure here.

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