Young People are Disengaged with the Local Community

Young People are Disengaged with the Local Community

It used to be the case that the idea of community was ingrained in an individual through a lifetime spent in one place. Today, however, local populations are much more mobile. But does the more transient nature of modern communities mean that young people are disengaged with them? We don’t think so. That’s why we created the Pollinator Garden project to dispel this myth and others. 

The community engagement project, created in conjunction with the environmental charity Groundwork UK, was carried out in West Gorton, Manchester. Through the building of a green space in this urban area we hoped foster a sense of community, and tackle some urban myths following the launch of our premium carpet range of the same name: Urban Myth.

Within our work in West Gorton we found that not only were young people actively engaged in the community, but they were helping to shape it for the future too. Perhaps most important, though, was the fact that they were enthused about their involvement. Community volunteer and primary school student, Reegan Booth, said:  “I really wanted to come here, because I love plants. Maybe, when I can, I’ll come and water them when it’s sunny and hot.” Another junior volunteer, Maisie Booth, was equally excited by the project, adding: “You don’t get a lot of activities like this round here, and I’d like it if we did more.”

Anthony Roberts, Gradus Group Marketing Communications Manager, sees the potential that youngsters can bring to urban projects: “Our work in West Gorton has shown that, given the time and responsibility, young people positively shape communities.”

The part that young people play in communities has been demonised for too long. As we’ve seen with this initiative, younger people can have a truly beneficial effect on the areas they live in. It’s another urban myth that our project with Groundwork UK has helped to dispel.

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