Urban Myth One - Urban Communities Don't Care About Greenspace

Urban Myth One - Urban Communities Don't Care About Greenspace

The first or four urban myths we set out to discredit, as part of our pollinator garden project with Groundwork, was that urban communities don’t care about greenspace and therefore investment into those spaces isn’t worthwhile.  

The truth is that urban open spaces are more important than ever before. A 2013 study by the European Centre for Environment & Human Health found that urban green spaces can have a lasting positive impact on mental health. Alongside this, another study has stated that people living in urban spaces can have a 40% higher risk of depression. 

The financial implications of mental wellbeing are considerable, too. A recent government study suggested that poor mental health is responsible for up to £42billion of costs to employers every year. So, enabling local urban communities to engage with green spaces is great for wellbeing and the economy.

The passion evident in the community on the day was heartening and it was clear to see and understand, through the engagement and comments, that the project was valued and that the green space mattered a great deal to everyone involved.

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