Urban Myth Two - Biodiversity doesn’t Matter to Urban Communities

Urban Myth Two - Biodiversity doesn’t Matter to Urban Communities

Biodiversity refers to the variety of plant and animal life in a particular habitat. Biodiversity matters everywhere – not least of all in urban areas where it is perhaps more acutely needed than anywhere else. With over 83% of the population now living in cities, there has never been a stronger case for ensuring increasing development is balanced and integrated with nature.

We decided to approach this problem at a grassroots level with a community engagement programme in West Gorton, Greater Manchester. The project is part of our mission to tackle urban myths, following the launch of our premium carpet range of the same name: Urban Myth.

Here, as in many urban communities, open space is in short supply and, where it hasn’t already been developed, it is often left unloved and uninspiring. However, working with Groundwork, we engaged with the local community to transform their green open space with the creation of a vibrant pollinator garden.

The passion of school children and older residents alike has been clear to see. What was previously a blank and somewhat weary canvas, now boasts a rich selection of plants that not only enhance the local area and encourages wildlife, but which also increases the vibrancy of the community.  

To say that biodiversity hasn’t had a positive effect on this urban area is simply not true. It’s another urban myth that we’ve happily been able to dispel.

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