Car Park Traffic Calming & Protection

Car Park Traffic Calming & Protection

Our Safety & Protection Systems are designed to protect buildings and equipment from damage by providing both a visual and physical barrier to impact, and also help to minimise damage when impact does occur. Pedestrian safety is also improved by keeping vehicles and pedestrians separate which helps to minimise the risk of accidents. This comprehensive range is ideal for applications such as service areas, loading bays and car parks.

Some of the key products in our range include the following: 

Safety Barrier System

Rail, posts, high visibility accessories and optional handrail additions designed to protect buildings, equipment and individuals in areas used by vehicles and pedestrians.

Handrail System

Galvanised steel handrail system with sleeved option for improved visual contrast.

Bollard Cores and Cover Kits

Steel core, high impact bollards with a range of high performance cover kits

Speed Bumps

Available in a range of sizes for both domestic and commercial vehicle applications. Individual modules are available for bespoke lengths.

Aluminium Chequer Plate

Durable surface protection, ideally suited for walls, corners and doors that are frequently exposed to heavy wheeled traffic.

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