Gradus International - Improving Buildings Worldwide

Gradus International - Improving Buildings Worldwide

My name is Simon Plowman and I'm the International Manager for Gradus.

Leading the international operation is an exciting challenge and I personally relish the opportunity to talk and form relationships with different people from all over the World. It's continually widening my view and I learn about best building practices on a global scale.  

Our international team operate in four different areas: 

  • Europe 
  • Middle East 
  • Asia 
  • Partnerships in North America, Africa and Australia and New Zealand 

In Europe and the Middle East we are dedicated to delivering multiple solutions for floors, walls and lights to construction projects across many sectors, such as healthcare, retail and hospitality, as well as working with distributors to offer the same solutions to refurbishment markets.

In Asia we have a network of partners we work with to deliver the same type of solutions, but support these partners from our subsidiary in Singapore. 

We then have a series of long standing partnerships in North America, Africa and Australia and New Zealand focused on specific elements of our product ranges

It's obviously a challenging time that has seen global disruption and heartache in almost every country. We've relied heavily and are thankful for the strength of our partners and colleagues, in order to continue to serve our customers to a high standard.

I look forward to talking about each area more specifically and in greater detail soon.

Contact our international team here -

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