17 April 2008

Following the development of innovative new Acrodur eco-binder technology by leading chemical company BASF, Wicanders cork flooring from Gradus is being promoted worldwide, as part of BASF’s environment-focused Acrodur marketing campaign.

A water-based binder free from phenol, formaldehyde and isocyanate, Acrodur lowers emissions and reduces odour to improve workplace hygiene. Through an exclusive partnership with Amorim Flooring, Acrodur is now available on its Wicanders cork flooring range, distributed exclusively in the UK by Gradus, in a choice of cork and wood-veneered finishes.

As a result, Amorim’s Wicanders range is being promoted as part of an environment-focused strategy, including a new brochure, that will further raise awareness of cork flooring as a sustainable flooring choice.

The superior eco-efficiency of cork flooring was confirmed in a 2007 BASF report, which highlighted its moderate consumption of resources, lower emissions and CO2 retention, as well as its thermal insulation properties, which reduce heating requirements.

The sustainability of the cork industry has also been recognised, thanks to its use of natural raw material extracted from trees without causing damage that also serves to promote the economic and social sustainability of areas at risk of desertification.

For more information on Wicanders cork flooring from Gradus, please contact Gradus Customer Support on 01625 428922 or visit the Amorim website for further details.

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