22 August 2003

Gradus has further extended its successful entrance matting range with the launch of Esplanade Plus, a new heavy duty primary entrance mat.

Esplanade Plus has been developed to meet interior, heavy traffic requirements and consists of a two tier system that combines aluminium scrapers and 100% Rhodia solution dyed nylon wipers for optimum soil and moisture removal.

Designed with flexible pvc hinges to compensate for minor undulations in the floor and to allow ease of handling for installation, the closed construction of the mat makes it simple to clean and maintain.

Ideal for use in conjunction with Gradus’ Boulevard Plus secondary barrier matting to provide a fully integrated system, Esplanade Plus can be manufactured to most shapes and is available in a range of colours. Ideal for environments with heavy footfall and trolley traffic such as supermarkets, shopping centres and airports it also achieves a B1 fire rating.

The introduction of Esplanade Plus sees the Gradus Entrance Matting range extend to 10 products, offering a whole host of primary and secondary entrance matting solutions for most applications. Available from the 1st September, further information on the Esplanade Plus product can be gained by contacting Gradus direct on: 01625 428922 or logging onto www.gradusworld.com

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