Tread Alert Tile

Tread Alert Tile
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IMPORTANT INFORMATION - SEPTEMBER 2017 - Please note that this product is being discontinued and will only be available while stocks last. Contact the Gradus Sales Order Department for stock information.

Tread Alert should be used at the approach (top and bottom) to a flight of internal stairs and installed according to the ‘Guidance on the use of tactile paving surfaces’, (refer to the Tread Alert pages in the current Stair Edgings & Floor Trims catalogue for further guidance).

Tile availability:

  • Border Tile - used to provide a finishing edge, 2.5mm thick with a 6mm raised rib at 50mm centres rounded towards one edge of the tile
  • Field Tile - butt jointed to form continuous run, 2.5mm thick with a 6mm raised rib at 50mm centres across the full width of the tile

Tread Alert is suitable for interior dry conditions. Tread Alert should not be used in internal areas that may be subject to wetness.

Tread Alert tiles should contrast in colour with the surrounding floorcovering to ensure clear visibility.

Consideration must be given to the frictional characteristics of Tread Alert and the surrounding floorcovering. Dramatic changes in frictional resistance, such as when used in conjunction with carpet, require special consideration. Refer to the Tread Alert pages in the current Gradus Stair Edgings & Floor Trims catalogue for futher guidance.


  • Black
  • Granite
  • Bluebell
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