Trade Days 2024

Trade Days 2024
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Please see below for details of Gradus and Gerflor joint trade days. 

Distributor Date Time                          
Headlam, Newcastle Friday 8th March 2024 7.30am-1pm Upcoming
Garrard Waters, Leicester Tuesday 27th February 2024 From 8am Upcoming
Cheshires, Lincoln Wednesday 28th February 2024 From 8am Upcoming
Betrex Flooring Birmingham Wednesday 6th March 2024 8am-2pm Upcoming
Betrex Flooring Birmingham Wednesday 19th June 2024 8am-2pm Upcoming
Trade Choice Glasgow Thursday 19th January 2023 7.30am-2pm Delivered
Haldon Thompson Wirral Friday 20th January 2023 8am-2pm Delivered
T&R Flooring, Nottingham Monday 6th February 2023 7.30am-1pm Delivered
Likewise Virtual Trade Day Wednesday 8th February 2023 8am-2pm Delivered
Cheshires Nottingham Thursday 9th February 2023 7.30am-1pm Delivered
Cheshires Lincoln Friday 10th February 2023 7.30am-1pm Delivered
3D Taunton Tuesday 21st February 2023 7.30am-12.30pm Delivered
Headlam Coleshill Wednesday 22nd February 2023 8am-2pm Delivered
MCD Bridgend Thursday 2nd March 2023 7.30am-10.30am Delivered
Myttons Norfolk Thursday 2nd March 2023 8am-1.30pm Delivered
Garrard Waters Leicester Tuesday 14th March 2023 7.30am-1.30pm Delivered
Beds Flooring Bedford Wednesday 15th March 2023 7.30am-1.30pm Delivered
Betrex Flooring Birmingham Wednesday 15th March 2023 8am-2pm Delivered
C&F Newcastle Friday 17th March 2023 7.30am-1pm Delivered
3D Cardiff Wednesday 22nd March 2023 7.30am-12.30pm Delivered
CK Davie, Edinburgh Tuesday 28th March 2023 9am-2pm Delivered
PFC Peterborough Wednesday 29th March 2023 7.30am-1pm Delivered
Mercado Big Show Thursday 20th April 2023 9.30am-4.30pm Delivered
Trade Choice Manchester Tuesday 25th April 8am-1pm Delivered
Faithfulls Ipswich Wednesday 26th April 7.30am - 12pm Delivered
Florco Thatcham Thursday 4th May 8am - 1pm Delivered
Planners Tuesday 16th May 7am - 12pm Delivered
Cheshires Sheffield Friday 19th May 7am - TBC Delivered
TCC&F Camberley Monday 22nd May 7.30am - 1pm Delivered
Aura MK Tuesday 6th June 8am - 2pm Delivered
Faithfulls Ipswich 7th & 8th June 10am - 4pm Delivered
MCD Wales Thursday 8th June 8am - 4.30pm Delivered
Trade Choice Manchester Monday 26th June 8am-1pm Delivered
Culpeck Tonbridge Monday 26th June 2023 12pm - 3pm Delivered
Betrex Flooring Birmingham Wednesday 28th June 2023 8am-2pm Delivered
Cheshires Lincoln Monday 3rd July 2023 7.30am-1.30pm Delivered
Cheshires Nottingham Tuesday 4th July 2023 8.30am-1.30pm Delivered
PFC Flooring, Romford Wednesday 5th July 2023 7am-12pm Delivered
Haldon Thompson, Bredbury Wednesday 26th July 2023 8am-2pm Delivered
Pennine, Chester Monday 31st July 2023 8am-2pm Delivered
Betrex Flooring Birmingham Wednesday 6th December 2023 8am-2pm Delivered
Penine, Heywood Monday 7th August 2023 8am-2pm Delivered
Headlam Walkden, Manchester Friday 18th August 2023 8am-2pm Delivered
Faithfulls Basildon Thursday 14th September 2023 8am-12pm Delivered
Likewise London Monday 25th September 2023 7am-1pm Delivered
John Palmers, Hants Tuesday 26th September 2023 7.30am-3pm Delivered
Betrex Flooring Birmingham Wednesday 27th September 2023 8am-2pm Delivered

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