29 July 2005

The launch of a new flooring accessories catalogue from Gradus, replacing the previous separate stair edging and floor trim catalogues, ensures contractors and specifiers now have just point of reference, providing ease of product selection and specification.

Showcasing the entire range of flooring accessories including stair edgings, skirtings, transition strips and tactile surfacing, the new catalogue also incorporates the recently launched MTS Multi-Trim System and Clip-Top fx flooring transition strips, plus the Alite brand of heavy-duty stair edgings, representing a significant extension to the product range.

To assist in the product selection process, Gradus has also included specification advice for all of the products, specifically:

* How Gradus products can be used to help create an inclusive environment in line with DDA requirements.

* The environments in which products should be used.

The use of images and diagrams throughout the catalogue clearly illustrates the various applications for the products, to further assist contractors and specifiers with their selections.

Gradus flooring accessories is a comprehensive range that has been designed to provide solutions for a wide range of contract applications. In addition, Gradus also supplies an extensive range of contract interior solutions including entrance barrier matting, wall protection systems, carpets and fabrics all designed to complement each other and provide a coordinated approach to interior finishing.

To receive a copy of the new Gradus Flooring Accessories brochure or for information on any of the Gradus products please contact Gradus Customer Support on 01625 428922.

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