Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, Sterling

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19 January 2009

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is responsible for the protection of the environment in Scotland, for the benefit of the country, its industry, population and visitors.  In 2002 the Agency needed to refurbish its headquarters building in Stirling.  One of its key criteria in product selection for this major undertaking was environmental sustainability.

2000 square metres of carpet were supplied from the Tandus Explorer range, marketed in the U.K. since 2007 by Gradus under the product name Adventurer.  Adventurer is a dense, low profile product in 1/13 inch loop pile tufted construction;  in addition to PVC and bitumen backed tiles, it is also available in two-metre PVC-backed sheet.  Aquarelle is one of 12 colourways, all of which are intricate multi-coloured styles with excellent soil-hiding characteristics.

The face fibre is solution dyed nylon, made from a minimum of 43.5 percent post industrial recycled content.  In addition, Gradus will recover the carpet at the end of its working life and guarantees to recycle the tiles into new carpet components, notably ER3 backing material, the only carpet backing made from 100 percent recycled material.  All of the carpet is recycled into the ER3 backing, including the face fibres.  This significantly increases the strength of the backing by reinforcing its structural integrity.

The solution dyed face fibre also gives the carpet excellent fade resistance, even when exposed to prolonged sunlight, and it will withstand heavy cleaning when necessary.  Adventurer comes with Heavy Contract Class 4 wear rating and a 20 year wear warranty for PVC backed carpet.

Although the installation has been down since 2002 the carpet retains its attractive appearance.  SEPA’s Facilities Co-ordinator is delighted with the choice that the agency made, commenting, “the carpet goes well with the décor and it still looks very good”.

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