Rotherham Hospital Gets The Best Treatment With Gradus Barrier Matting

Rotherham Hospital
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01 March 2011

Rotherham is a modern, progressive hospital, with a reputation for clinical excellence and efficiency. Last year the main entrance at Rotherham Hospital underwent a major redevelopment to provide better, safer and easier access to the hospital and its services, for patients and visitors. The redevelopment is part of The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust’s Hospital of Tomorrow programme, which is focused on improving services and facilities across the hospital.

Gradus’ Esplanade Plus primary barrier matting with Boulevard 6000 insert in Nightfall (grey/black) was installed in the hospital’s new main entrance to prevent dirt and moisture from being carried into the building by foot and wheeled traffic.

This high performance barrier matting improves safety by reducing the risk of slip accidents in interior or exterior applications, helping to reduce cleaning and maintenance costs, whilst protecting the appearance and prolonging the lifecycle of adjacent floor coverings.

The Esplanade Plus matting was installed at the hospital in conjunction with Gradus’ Boulevard 5000HD secondary barrier carpet in Moorhen (dark grey), in order to give a fully coordinated barrier matting system.

Boulevard 5000HD contains a scraper yarn that provides optimum removal of dirt and moisture and can be used as a stand-alone product in all areas of a building where there is risk of tracked through dirt and moisture.

The Gradus systematic approach to matting combines the use of primary barrier matting and secondary barrier carpet in different areas throughout a building to provide an attractive, functional solution, which ensures the effective removal of tracked-in dirt and moisture.

Gradus offers barrier matting systems that can be installed in interior and exterior environments to provide the optimum systematic approach, whilst enhancing the appearance and performance of surrounding floor finishes.

Caroline Davies, Matting Product Manager for Gradus, said: “Esplanade Plus high performance primary barrier matting is designed for use in environments subject to high levels of foot and wheeled traffic, making it ideal for hospitals, universities and shopping centres.

“Esplanade Plus is available in either open or closed construction in a choice of colours and thicknesses, offering solutions for a variety of different environments.”

For further information on the full range of barrier matting systems available from Gradus, please contact 01625 428922 or visit

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