New Gradus Safety and Protection Systems

New Gradus Safety and Protection Systems
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15 September 2015


Gradus’ Safety & Protection Systems is a collection of products designed to provide wheeled traffic with visual and physical barriers to impact, minimise damage when impact does occur and improve pedestrian safety by segregating pedestrian walkways from vehicle routes.

The new range comprises a selection of heavy-duty products that are suitable for specification in areas such as car parks, loading bays and service corridors. These products can be combined together to create a comprehensive protection system, with several different profile options available for each product to accommodate different applications.

Products in the range include safety barrier systems, steel wrap column protectors, handrail systems, lamp post protector kits, speed bumps, wheelstops, chequer plating, heavy duty rubber and a selection of posts and bollards.

Anna Conrad-Smith, Marketing Product Manager for Gradus, said: “The Safety & Protection Systems range is a great addition to Gradus and a natural extension to our current product offering. Much like our existing wall protection systems, these products are designed to protect buildings from damage and offer guidance to inidviduals.
“Safety & Protection Systems help to minimise the need for on-going repairs and maintenance, reduce the risk of accidents occurring and improve the overall appearance of a building.”

“By incorporating this range into our broader product offering, we can now offer practical solutions from the front to back of a building; from barrier matting at a building’s entrance, right through to the high-visibility protection posts that might be found in an underground car park.

Gradus supplies a wide range of protection systems to suit a variety of applications. For further information please contact Technical Support on 01625 428922 or visit

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