Heavy Duty Flooring Solutions From Gradus

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04 September 2013


Suitable for both internal and external use, Gradus’ new Heavy Duty Stair and Floor System offers a hard wearing solution to help reduce the risk of slips and trips in the most demanding environments.

Developed in line with guidelines in BS8300:2009+A1:2010 and Approved Document M (ADM) of The Building Regulations 2010, the system features stair edgings and tread plates for use on stairs and sheet for use as flooring on landings and walkways in both new and existing applications.

These new additions have been developed by Gradus to meet the heightened awareness amongst specifiers of the risk of slip accidents on exterior stairs, or heavily trafficked internal stairways close to entrances and access points, such as motorway footbridges, railways stations, airports, sports stadia, outdoor arenas and heavy industry.

Independently tested for slip-resistance by the Health & Safety Laboratory, both stair edging and flooring offer a low risk of slip in both wet and dry conditions. It has also performed well under accelerated wear tests, accelerated UV weathering tests, as well as being chemical resistance tested to ISO175 (SATRA).

Chloe Taylor, Product Manager for Gradus said: “Our new TEX Sheets can be used as a stand alone product on walkways and landings or alongside TEX Stair Edgings (TEX11, TEX51) and TEX Tread Plates, in order to create a fully coordinated Heavy Duty Stair and Floor System. For neat finishing on landings and walkways, TEX sheet can also be used alongside TEXCR1 for a safe and neat finish.”

The tread plates and sheet are available in Charcoal (black) only, to ensure the optimum 30 points
Light Reflectance Value (LRV) visual contrast is achieved when used in conjunction with Gradus’ heavy duty TEX stair edgings (TEX11, TEX51 profiles only), in order to meet the guidelines in Approved Document M of the Building Regulations 2010 and BS8300:2009+A1:2010.

Gradus’ Heavy Duty Stair and Floor System is available from September 2013 and comes with a 10 year manufacturers warranty. For further information, please contact Technical Support on 01625 428922 or visit www.gradusworld.com.

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