Gradus Wall Protection Helps to Future-Proof the Nexperia Manufacturing Facility

Gradus Wall Protection Helps to Future-Proof the Nexperia Manufacturing Facility
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08 May 2018


Nexperia is a global leader in Discretes, Logic and MOSFET devices  for the Automotive industry. Originally part of Philips before becoming an independent company in 2017 Nexperia focus on efficiency and produce approximately 85 billion semiconductor components every year.

Due to the precise nature of the work, the majority of Nexperia’s manufacturing takes place in laboratories. As a result, a durable wall protection system was required that would be resistant to a variety of cleaning chemicals and that can withstand the rigorous maintenance cleaning regimes which will  take place at the facility.

Gradus SureProtect Endure®, a high-performance PVC-u wall cladding system, was installed throughout the corridors at half height to protect the walls from impact and abrasion damage caused by wheeled trolley traffic.  Through coloured and textured the sheet material was chosen in colour Alum (light grey), to blend in with the surrounding décor providing ‘hidden’ protection and maintaining the building’s appearance.  

To create a more comprehensive wall protection system, high impact corner guards were chosen to protect one of the most vulnerable parts of any building along with Wall Guards to provide direct protection from the wheeled trolley traffic. 

Speaking of the refurbishment project, the Facilities Manager at Nexperia, commented:  The wall protection installed at Nexperia was predominantly in Silicon Alley, the link corridor in the cleanroom areas. We wanted to protect this area as this part of the building experiences a high level of both foot and wheeled traffic daily, including regular use of trolleys which can cause scuffs and scrapes.

 “We also wanted to create a striking design away from the stereotypical, clinical feel that most labs have and the extensive range of colours available from Gradus enabled us to do this. We chose to specify Wall Guards in an aquamarine colour which adds vibrancy to the facility.”

Maria Morgan, Product Manager for Gradus said “SureProtect Endure® was the ideal specification for the Nexperia facility as it is manufactured from impact resistant PVC-u which is textured and through coloured to conceal the damage caused by foot and wheeled traffic, therefore minimising future maintenance costs.”

Gradus is a UK Manufactuer with two decades of experience in the wall protection market and has taken its experience, knowledge and expertise to create a modern and aesthetically pleasing range, designed with the UK market needs in mind.

For further information on Gradus’ full range of wall protection solutions available, please contact Gradus Technical Support on 01625 428922 or visit

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